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Civil Rights in the Uk

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 24 May 2024 | comments*Discuss
Civil Rights Discrimination Racial

In America there has been a long history of civil rights abuse towards African-Americans, but in the UK during the 1950s and 1960s civil rights were also lacking. In 1963 a young black protester in Britain echoed the action of Rosa Parks in America and began a bus boycott that helped bring in Britain’s anti-discrimination law.

Early History of British Immigrants

The slave trade in Britain was first documented around 1562 and by the early 18th century there were 14,000 black people living in Britain. Few had any real freedom, and it was not until the abolitionists began protesting that slavery across all of the British Empire was banned in 1833. By 1892 Britain had its first Indian Member of Parliament, Dadabhai Naoroji. After World War II 150,000 Poles arrived in Britain along with hundreds of men from the West Indies and multi-cultural Britain had arrived.

The Mass Migration

During the 1950s Britain invited workers from the Caribbean especially Jamaica to fill job vacancies such as labourers and transport workers in order to help rebuild post war Britain. As the rise in immigration continued so too did the rise in racial violence in cities such as London, Birmingham and Nottingham. The government began to curb immigration and by 1972 non-whites could only settle in Britain with a work permit or if they had parents or grandparents who were born in Britain. By 1970 the amount of non-white residents in the UK numbered 1.4 million, although a third of this number were born in Britain.

Racial Discrimination in the UK

Racial discrimination in Britain during the postwar period was rife. Many of the immigrants were skilled workers but racism and discrimination meant that semi or unskilled work was the only option. By the 1960s the economy in Britain was declining and black workers were the first to lose their jobs. Those that did manage to keep jobs usually did double the work for less pay. The racism and discrimination in Britain echoed that felt in America at the time, although on a smaller scale.

The Civil Rights Pioneer

There were a number of black people who made a difference to the civil rights of the black population in Britain. One was Paul Stephenson, who in 1963 led a boycott against a racist public bus company. The Bristol bus company operated a colour bar that refused employment to blacks or Asians. Stephenson, a 26 year old teacher, organised the 60 day bus boycott on the city’s buses. Thousands of people supported the bus boycott and the news of the racism made headlines. By the 28 August 1963 the bus company lifted the employment colour ban. This was the same day that Martin Luther King Jr made his “I have a dream speech”.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Mr Stephenson would once again hit the headlines when he stood trial for refusing to leave a pub until he was served a beer. It was not uncommon to see signs in Britain during the 1960s proclaiming, “No blacks, no Irish, no dogs”. Both cases helped to highlight the treatment of blacks and Asians in Britain during this period. During Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s term (1964-1976) he introduced tighter controls on immigration but also introduced legislation that made racial discrimination a legal offence.

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is now a legal offence in the UK and these civil and human rights are afforded to every man, woman and child. Racial discrimination includes discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality and ethnicity. It is an offence to discriminate on these grounds in areas such as employment, education, housing, and the provision of goods and services. It is also an offence for public authorities such as the police or government departments to discriminate in its activities on these grounds.

Other Civil Rights UK

Racial discrimination is not the only discrimination that can be pursued as a legal offence. It is also an offence to discriminate on the grounds of religion, sexuality, gender and disability. Discrimination for any of these reasons can lead to legal consequences. It is important that people are aware of their civil rights in the UK as it is the best protection they have against discrimination.

Racial discrimination and the abuse of civil rights did not end when the anti-discrimination legislation was passed in the 1960s. But this legislation did mean that anyone who practiced discrimination could face legal consequences. The fight for equality and freedom has been a struggle in America, Britain and many other countries around world. Hopefully this struggle will help future generations live in a more equal society.

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British Guardian Newspaper Journalist Owen Jones who claims to be a radical leftist journalist has been recently contacted about the public allegations found online made against the NUJ,Jones of course himself having exposed Conservative UK MP Gove inthe press for owning convicted racist David Irvings Parforce publications.As a journalist he is empowered to make a complaint against the NUJ and Albert Smith former Irish Independent Newspaper sub editor on the following grounds: “ In Math its impossible that the name Parpoint publishing isnt derived from (PAR)force and Focal(Point) as the three companies appear together within the same Holocaust denial publication Goring Biography… and so the Irish police should be questioning British National Union of Journalist member Albert Smith as to why he intended to name his publishing company Parpoint outlet after Convicted racist David Irvings organization Parforce on the grounds that should he lie to the Police the courts can then decide to set a public hearing… par se ! “
Chrisy - 24-May-24 @ 6:52 PM
Anonymous6 February 2024 So the evidence is compelling Owen Jones exposes Conservative MP GOVE about owning PARFORCE (DAVID IRVING) PUBLICATIONS and yet when asked through LONDON LBC NEWS and THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER to file a complaint to the NUJ about Racists Sympathizer Albert Smith formely of The Irish Independent Newspaper apppearing inside of Parforce publications as Parpoint describing them as quote "Good offerings" he doesnt want to know or get involved !!!! Owen Jones is empowered to do so but refuses....this is without doubt a dishonest journalist thaat receives reliable information and simply disregards it.Trust US both radio staios ad his newspaper the Guardian where issued with press releases...
J - 25-Feb-24 @ 10:28 PM
A few months back somebody contacted Guardian Journalist Owen Jones. Why ...well he projects himself as a radical leftist journalist that in the past exposed MP Gove owning Parforce publications. We are hoping that as a journalist he will file a complaint Its no longer in some ways about Journalists but about the British System in particular the NUJ protecting NUJ journalists that support convicted racist David Irving. Owen is an NUJ member of the Guardian newspaper,all NUJ members are EMPOWERED to make complaints against racists sympathizers. Further it is against National Union of Journalists policy to allow its members to provide copyrighted work to convicted Nazi sympathizers.
al - 11-Nov-23 @ 12:57 AM
In Math its impossible that Parpoint publishing isnt derived from {PAR}force and Focal{Point} as these three companies appear in the same Holocaust denial publication Goring Biography…and so the Irish police should question British National Union of Journalist member Albert Smith if he intended to name his publishing outlet after Convicted racist David Irvings organization on the grounds that if he lies the courts can decide…
al - 11-Nov-23 @ 12:50 AM
I don't have any rights I agree with Steve on 08/08/2023 post that has now mysteriously disappeared from this sight yeah matt jukes of London go tell moiron I coming in if not I see her Saturday for a nice long chat plus Don'tforget your library card and stop lachams and Co drug gangs coming after
Fred - 10-Aug-23 @ 12:52 PM
I offen troll my family members on social media but then again I Don't work in CALIfornia
Life of - 9-Aug-23 @ 10:20 AM
Pleasecontact 101 or 999 please stop you trolling
Matt - 8-Aug-23 @ 6:52 PM
FOUND THIS YESTERDAY NEW ALLEGATIONS AGAINST THE NUJ. George H, on September 1, 2022 at 8:15 pm said: Conspiracy or reality ?? The following evidence below is conclusive beyond any doubt whatsoever Smith is found in the digital version of Gorings Biography inside of the Introduction.If for a second we ask ourselves how many words there are in existence then its impossible for Smith not to have named his company Parpoint after both parforce and Focal Point why then is this journalist/publisher still a member of the NUJ,they are aware that he has worked with convicted publisher David Irving. thats the real conspiracy theory right there ————————————————————— ALBERT SMITH IRISH INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER Reddit/r/u_wikifreaks888 , 2022-08-01, British NUJ member Albert Smith advertiss himself upon Linkedin as Parpoint,he is also found upon the internet providing his own personal introduction to the antisemitic,racist digital production of Gorings Biography (written by the feared convicted neo nazi sympathizer David Irving.) Recent “net” allegations surrounding this book claim that Smith a former editor of the Irish Independent newspaper named his publishing company after the copyright and publishing agents found within the publication named as Parforce and Focal Point.The obvious question we now ask ourselves is should the National Union of Journalists be held legally accountable for Parpoints past activities when today racist criminals use their members provided copyright??
HB - 3-Sep-22 @ 2:06 AM
W I K I F R E A K S W.W.V 16458825 Why is the NUJ not being investigated over racist allegations? 1 /r/londontown , 2022-03-05, 21:38:07 W I K I F R E A K S W.W.V 16458825 Why is the NUJ not being investigated over racist allegations? ?? **W.W.V 16458825 w.w.v copyright owned.**· 20 minutes ago· W I K I F R E A K S W.W.V 16458825 Why is the NUJ not being investigated over racist allegations? There are now two "camps" to choose from if thats the right word to use on whether or not to believe Wikifreakz recently claimed "blogged out " quote that London Town UK has finally become a despotic separatist state" is a reasonable assumption.The reasoning being is that there are so many obvious dividing issues . Prince Andrew finally bringing the credibility of Monarchy to an end and Police Commissioner Dick resignation cementing far right extremism within law and order are both examples of why you should flee from London, which itself has become a completely lawless and extremely dangerous area to operate in. It seems without doubt the only road left for ordinary "sane" citizens is to contemplate the formation of a Republic.Last year saw Metropolitan Police Officers convicted of being terrorists with murder and rape convictions of Police officers becoming a regular common occurence.This is for many of us the last straw of brainwashing and brain damage that broke the Kamalis bank. As leftist Socialist bloggers, who are always getting followed and our doors for ever getting “kicked in” by the far right wing door smashers for no reasoning at all we really arent taking any more chances not being a great fan of political violence or believing in the use of any political violence its time to disappear like woooshhh ….and unlike certain conservative writers and neo journalists who live in the land of the Care free and Fairies we have a moral duty to report racism and far right extremism firstly without being murdered for it, and secondly without being called delusionary ?? think about that whilst its still a human right to so but dont tell anyone just in case!... Politicians and alleged antifascist organizations have remained mysteriously quite about the Bellingcat allegations concerning the National Union of Journalist members and so It is with great sadness that some of us state here that weve decided very recently never to enter into the London Metropolitan area of Fireland as they call it ever again or until it turns into a real Republic basically because its not worth risking our lives .Until their UK/Britain ever becomes a Republic where people are no longer treated as potential "Stateless" entities well be staying well clear of. The recent written synopsis filled against the NUJ found on the net finalized our beliefs that the main press tabloids in this country and Europe are NOT to be totally believed or accepted anymore in their present format. The National Union of Journalists should be held legally accountable for allowing
jez - 10-Jun-22 @ 1:14 PM
The police are very good at cover-up and denying human rights. Subject Data requests have to be pressed home. They depend on dragging out the process and the person running out of funds. Just keep plugging away. The ICO is nearly as useless as the police. Lone-wolf Police who are too busy stopping and arresting singe women , so that they can rape and murder them in their own areas.
Brixtonwoman - 6-Oct-21 @ 8:46 AM
GDPR in the UK has become another tool of the oppressors. Police are denying requests for body camera footage on the grounds that the company that collected it has copyright, even when criminal charges have been laid. Police are refusing Subject Access Data Requests. Police are refusing the right to be rectified. I have been in court about this. I am not represented. Anyone else?
Dragon - 16-Apr-21 @ 12:32 PM
We are all being being watched by the government and big companies especially over the internet. Those who don't believe in the big brother are living their lives as a slave to their human rights. There was a line that was not to go over but that has gone over a decade ago. There has to be movement to say no more no more hidden surveillance, no more collecting our data, no more hidden agendas. This needs to stop.
JohnDoe - 28-Sep-20 @ 1:47 AM
I have an issue with unconscious bias at work. Who do I go to for legal advice?
Sharon - 15-Jul-20 @ 8:40 AM
I read so many posts on racism and supremacy and can’t believe that the community is ignoring the perpetrators of this injustice. Come on now, the men whose statues have fallen and the many others that need to be removed from their pedestals are all FREEMASONS! The more that we look at the ‘secret society’ or as it should be known, ‘the false brotherhood’ the more corruption and injustice is created then hidden by this ‘old boys club’ made up primarily for white men. If you want to undo racism and injustice, then firstly ask for FREEMASONS to disclose themselves by means on wearing a square and compass badge or something similar. When looking at the modern day media, film, music and entertainment people, all are adhering to a Masonic role. What grinds my bones is that not only are FREEMASONS allowed to perform RITUALS and hide secrets amongst their members to the ill effect and control of others, but the communities that require equality and justice are now joining the FREEMASONS in order to evade injustice and create mor power and influencer for those FREEMASONS who are without penalty nor criticism upon a nod or a wink or a special handshake. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP THE WORLD TO BE FREE OF INJUSTICE AND INEQUALITY THEN MAKE FREEMASONRY A TRANSPARENT ORGANIZATION WITH RULES OF DISCLOSURE AND TRANSPARENCY.
Justice for all - 5-Jul-20 @ 7:20 AM
Seeking assistance Publishing evidence of Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights violations by GCHQ. Your rights are Denied, as full information on my website {avail upon request} To Date, No one has has any form of redress not limited to Damages. Public interest Thank you
ghstdtnee - 24-Jul-19 @ 4:10 PM
We are investigating Newham Social Services. The have cases of acute mental health which are now 15 - 20 years old. The have had little social auditing to review these time-saclaes. There are also cases of organisations providing mainstream adult care but receiving excess Social Services contributions e.g more than £1000 per week for each resident in their care. There are even allegations of restricted visits from friends/relatives and even restrictions on their benefits. Connect me for more information.
David - 17-Jan-18 @ 4:12 PM
lasjhdgmvbnjsklaulckghbvmnkjdcivyuhjsdsuciuhjewkadscuyhwjdcudyhjsduyhbdjcuhbehduijdduisjnbusvcjdnsfudvcxjdshbadgsudjsdnbadschjsadndbschjsdnasbvchdjsnvbdhfjsnvbdshjfsndvbfhjsdnvb vhdfsjkcnm bvhfjsdvnbvfdshjvcnbv
akjshdgfvgdhjosdfhg - 20-Feb-17 @ 4:28 PM
It is apparent if you google yourselves there is no press or net evidence available on the police being prosecuted for entering false data onto their Government maintained police data bases(try it yourselves),yet there is documented evidence and articles for prosecutions against the police for logging onto the PNC system without permission.So does this mean the police have never been prosecuted for entering false data onto police computer sysytems in uk?well I doubt it....instead im sure there is a news black out on the subject then theres all the solicitors firms that advertise on the net and press...you cant find one article explaining that a prosecution has been brought against the police in UK for entering false data...now if trying to find evidence upon this subject yourselves after searching google or bing search engines does this not concern you???....if now you are concerned or bewildered at to why there is complete silence on the subject then understand the following the police and criminals/mafia and espionage agents make a killing out of unsolved crime in this country...it pays the bills for a pyramid of organisations and individuals who gain from leaking out Government information.MI5(the secret service,politicians,criminals,solicitors)are all to familiar with this activity of leaking out data and fabricating data on computer systems,drugs are often given to certain types for "muck spreading"..theres a new saying going around theres nothing secret about mi5 except where they live and how much money they make.....Theres a good article entitled Andrew Dedman MI5....on the internet just type Andrew Dedman MI5 at google and you will find police officers who left their police positions and where involved in this activity they were given licences by the secret service in this country to break the lak drug users and businessmen don't care where products come from and they don't care about what they talk about for receiving goods and chatels,leaking out and fabricating computer data based information.Most people have heard of WIKILEAKS even though the people behind wikileaks claim to be well intentioned ask your self this who profits from wikileaks,,,,,,of course the press they publish wikileaks claims and then sell papers about wikileaks in exchange for money....
LONDON CT - 21-Jan-17 @ 11:37 AM
That's my write up "ferty"on police entering false data on computer systems
LONDON CT - 21-Jan-17 @ 11:18 AM
Im left wing I believe we can still have all the commodities around us without capitalism...and why your pondering about that short statement ill explain the more greedy and self centred humans become the less helpful to one an other they are.....that's just a basic fact....In UKs society today we find that jobs that should be done by the state are practically all private companies,for example water,electricity,roads,housing.This makes society function around money instead of need,old fashioned values you may say well in truth somethings get done better because their is a need rather than a profit...in todays society people at work and in the neighbourhoods get bullied,they get bullied by cops,criminals,fascist right wingers.espionage agents,unhinged types pyschatrists are increasingly used by the state to white wash people,say for example a person is constantly bullied for having a joint (marijuana cigarette) and is in fear of losing there job for it then that's a form of bullying and the thing is unless your that person you wont feel for them and the emotional trauma there going through over the fear of losing there job that could make them homeless,no money etc etc,when all that person was doing was getting some relaxation from work.take this a bit further and the person gets accused of being a dealer aswell when they aren't and then add to this some bent cop who heres from his local friendly criminal informer about this smoker....he then goes back to the police computer systems and starts writing lies and false information about this guy and it goes on for years.....in my mind the mental torture from this is a subject that civil rights solicitors in uk are neglecting...ive been studying the internet for evidence of the police entering false data onto computer systems about British subjects and guess what a complete silence,no newspaper articles,no court cases,no solicitors reviews,no civil rights groups publications,no blogs,no web sites nothing anywhere not a thing....theres plenty(well a fair bit) on police being accused and prosecuted for falsely obtaining data from police computer systems and evedince the police in UK have been prosecuted for these offences.....but entering false data onto computer systems is a different ball game....so that leads me to believe somethings going on in the UK and I will prove it this web page is open to everyone in uk you watch nobody will bother replying to this statement I will be surprised if they do and I will state publically no politician or solicitor will reply to this statement take a copy to your local politician or solicitor and ask him her to comment and if none of you can be bothered carrying this out that explains what exactly is going on with society...if I read an article like this I would try to pass a copy even by email to somebody else because why the state can write lies about people on computer systems and nobody gives a dam then what you sow will surely come back to you....
ferty - 21-Jan-17 @ 10:37 AM
I am a white, English folk musician. There has recently been a debate in the folk world about the tradition of morris dancers who 'black up', in other words, they paint their faces black as part of their dance costume. This tradition is not in any way a racist statement, but goes back to a time when people would beg for money and would disguise themselves out of shame. Others black up as a tradition concerning coal mining. Although this is not meant to be offensive, like minstrel groups of the past, many worry that without knowing the background to these traditions, some people might think this is offensively racist. As most people in the folk world are white, I would like to know how people in the black/ asian communities felt about this?
Hutchy - 1-Sep-16 @ 6:56 PM
I need advice about the negative treatment I am getting from the social services and the home office after the death of my wife during child birth in Nov 2014.
Mic - 29-Jun-16 @ 9:46 PM
I need to help a friend who is been covert arass is there a law against this.can you please help Thank you.
number one. - 25-Jun-16 @ 9:48 AM
Experiencing racism in a country that claims plain democracy and every man and woman should be treated equally was quite shocking. It was very surprising for me to witness a UK policeman lie in court. I live close to a pub and one day I came from work and parked at the pub. I had a few drinks and as I was going to my flat, I passed by the car to pick my bag from the car. The police then arrived and judged me for attempting to drink and drive. I tried to explain myself but all was in vein. I was breathalysed and surely I was above the limit. I was taken down the police station where I was interviewed and released. Going to court I pleaded not guilty and there was given another court hearing date. To my surprise, the police man claimed he arrested me driving on the road towards my flat. My solicitor asked them a few questions and demanded for the statement on the arrest day. The police claimed, I was uncooperative and refused to sign any papers. I tried to explain to the judge that it can't be true only to be warned that I will be held incontempt for trying to implicate that the policeman is a liar. I was banned for 18 months and ordered to pay £2000.00 fine. It is very hard to get any justice where everyone you are dealing with in court and the police force are all white, even your own lawyer. All was well, however, when I let my work place know about the issue, I was dismissed from my work because they deemed I was not going to be productive enough without the driving licence. And yet to my surprise again, a white colleague in the same company was court driving while on a driving ban, he was jailed for 3 months and he still retained his job doing the same work as me. I have come to believe, there is no justice for a black man or woman in a white society. Racism is alive in UK.
Maforo - 19-Jun-16 @ 6:01 PM
How does one fight against what is truly part of society. I am a black man with a mixed family. I have recently experienced true racism. I took legal action. Only to find that the system is corrupt the tribunal led by 3 white middle aged men and naturally the system wonand my allegations of racism were not accepted the only comment they were accepting was out of legal time. Racism is rife in the UK.
Aaa - 21-May-16 @ 5:15 AM
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james2267 - 9-Oct-15 @ 10:05 PM
canyou give me a way to cite this page please ..and who the author isif im allowed to cite at all
rob - 22-Apr-15 @ 9:20 PM
I am afraid, knowledge of history and fairness are not author's strong points. Majority of 150.000 Polish emigrants in UK after IIWW did not arrive after the WAR - they came after the WAR broke out in 1939 and joined allies forced to fight against German invaders. They contribution was highly recognised and prized in certain quarters. However, Mr Churchill found appropriate thank the Poles, for their efforts in protecting Britain from German invasion, to give Poland (Yalta 1945) to Stalin as a GIFT no less - so hundreds of thousand of Poles became STRANDED in Britain (and elsewhere) as they could not return to Poland in fear of repressions and else from new Poland's owners!!!!!! - I myself, was born in UK in 1941 to a Polish parents who took part in war actions1939-1945 under British command - and, after the war - we found ourselves being shouted at on London streets: "DONT EAT OUR BREAD, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!" - as my father dared to wore his Polish uniform. So, we went back in 1946...And,don't ask me how I feel about the English, you would not like the answer..... Thank you
don't eat our bread - 26-Mar-15 @ 8:47 AM
@Bronco. You are entitled to contact you local elected members for assistance with certain issues. Contact your MP with problems such as: tax/HM Revenue & Customs (but not council tax), benefits, pensions and national insurance, hospitals/the NHS, Home Office/immigration, School closures etc.
Contact your local councillor (county, town/borough or parish) for local issues such as housing, planning, rubbish collection, the local environment, local schools issues, transport and roads, emergency and social services, libraries etc
You cannot contact them randomly for issues such as political harassment or sales etc
CivilRightsMovement - 2-Mar-15 @ 11:28 AM
Hi My local parish council is indicating that I am out of order in contacting their elected members directly.In Dave Cameron,s constituency. Can they do this?LOG
Bronco - 25-Feb-15 @ 9:35 PM
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