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The civil rights movement was a life changing period in world history. The freedom and rights that we take for granted today were not given without a struggle that dates back centuries. The Civil Rights Movement website was created as a unique reference point that gives both a background on the historic civil rights movement and provides information on your rights today.
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Ask Our Experts: Incorrect Reference, How can we put Things Right?, Are Biometric...
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Case Studies: Child Maintenance and Parents' Rights: A Case Study, Treated Like a...
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Civil Rights: Women and Civil Rights, Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement,...
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Civil Rights & Law: Rights If Your Child is Arrested, Consumer Rights When Holidays Go...
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Discrimination Issues: Social Networking Websites and Privacy Rights,...
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Government & Legislation: Rights If Detained by the Police, Consequences...
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How to Get Involved: Staging a Legal Peaceful Protest, Volunteering...
Latest Comments
  • Dave
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    My 16 year old daughter was arrested for possession of cannabis but was not charged or given a caution. She did however have…
    1 August 2015
  • Rifa
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    My husband gets stopped by the police few times a week if he's out late around 1 to 2am. They stop him for 'routine check'…
    25 July 2015
  • kelgar
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    Basically I met my gf online over 4 months ago we have spoken and met a few times she is 17 im 33 it's a gay relationship.…
    24 July 2015
  • Moirin
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    I beleive a wrong decisions have been made unfairly by Psni officers whos names for now il keep to myself I believe this…
    22 July 2015
  • iyeisah
    Re: Rights If Detained by the Police
    I need urgent respond pls Can police detain a juvenile for 3days becos he or she was involved in a fight with adult?
    21 July 2015
  • TonyM
    Re: Rights If Detained by the Police
    My son of 15 a juvenile was detained in custody on the 18th of July, Saturday evening, after a stop and search. He was…
    21 July 2015
  • Donna
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    Yesterday around 19:30 in the evening two policemen came banging on our door and window. They said someone placed a distress…
    21 July 2015
  • Beau
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    My 14 yr son has just been charged with racial. The man accused him of robbery and possesing a knife which turned out to be a…
    21 July 2015
  • deano
    Re: Stop, Search and Arrest Rights
    The police drove past me and my mates with the window up, as we walked up this road they were coming down the same vehicle, the…
    18 July 2015
  • Police hate minoriti
    Re: Challenging the Police
    Sir Adrian Leppard I am not guilty of Assault on Constable in the execution of his/her duty, according to section 89(1) Police Act…
    18 July 2015
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