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The civil rights movement was a life changing period in world history. The freedom and rights that we take for granted today were not given without a struggle that dates back centuries. The Civil Rights Movement website was created as a unique reference point that gives both a background on the historic civil rights movement and provides information on your rights today.
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Ask Our Experts: Incorrect Reference, How can we put Things Right?, Are Biometric...
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Case Studies: Child Maintenance and Parents' Rights: A Case Study, Treated Like a...
Civil Rights
Civil Rights: Women and Civil Rights, Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement,...
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Civil Rights & Law: Rights If Your Child is Arrested, Consumer Rights When Holidays Go...
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Discrimination Issues: Social Networking Websites and Privacy Rights,...
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Government & Legislation: Rights If Detained by the Police, Consequences...
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How to Get Involved: Staging a Legal Peaceful Protest, Volunteering...
Latest Comments
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: Is the Mosquito Alarm an Infringement on Human Rights?
    creative3 - Your Question:How do I find out which neighbour has one of these machines. It's…
    28 June 2016
  • Cat
    Re: Grass Roots Activism
    We are planning a read in at our local library which is earmarked for closure, we plan to arrive 30 mins before closing, place ourselves…
    28 June 2016
  • 123wc
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    Hiya, right my friends daughter went in some house with her mate after her mate told her the door was open, she went in…
    27 June 2016
  • creative3
    Re: Is the Mosquito Alarm an Infringement on Human Rights?
    How do I find out which neighbour has one of these machines. It's driving my poor children to…
    26 June 2016
  • Tod
    Re: Challenging the Police
    Hi. My partner and I went to deliver a sofa and we were beaten up.. The police were called and they said it was a 'civil matter' and they…
    26 June 2016
  • number one.
    Re: Civil Rights in the Uk
    I need to help a friend who is been covert arass is there a law against this.can you please help Thank you.
    25 June 2016
  • binkybao
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    I work for a housing charity and following a professionals meeting was asked to share information regarding a client, which I…
    22 June 2016
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    AP - Your Question:My 10 year old was taunted by a 9 year old on a Cub camp and my son hit him with a torch. The other boys…
    21 June 2016
  • Steve
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    Hi there some one made an allegation against me of abuse and whilst i was out preceded to try and kick my front door in when…
    21 June 2016
  • Maforo
    Re: Civil Rights in the Uk
    Experiencing racism in a country that claims plain democracy and every man and woman should be treated equally was quite shocking. It was…
    19 June 2016
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