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The civil rights movement was a life changing period in world history. The freedom and rights that we take for granted today were not given without a struggle that dates back centuries. The Civil Rights Movement website was created as a unique reference point that gives both a background on the historic civil rights movement and provides information on your rights today.
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Ask Our Experts: Incorrect Reference, How can we put Things Right?, Are Biometric...
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Case Studies: Child Maintenance and Parents' Rights: A Case Study, Treated Like a...
Civil Rights
Civil Rights: Women and Civil Rights, Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement,...
Civil Rights & Law
Civil Rights & Law: Rights If Your Child is Arrested, Consumer Rights When Holidays Go...
Discrimination Issues
Discrimination Issues: Social Networking Websites and Privacy Rights,...
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Government & Legislation: Rights If Detained by the Police, Consequences...
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How to Get Involved: Staging a Legal Peaceful Protest, Volunteering...
Latest Comments
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    @kr77. We don't have all the details about this case unfortunately but if you want to go bac , you'd have to withdraw all…
    27 January 2015
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: Discrimination and Your Freedom
    @Gaza. If you feel the police have acted improperly you should make a complaint via the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
    27 January 2015
  • kr77
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    my partner was arrested for a domestic incident and although i am not pressing charges he has admitted in a police interview…
    25 January 2015
  • Gaza
    Re: Discrimination and Your Freedom
    At 7:05pm today (23/01/15) I received an un arranged visit from the police. I am an ex-con released since June 2013. I have…
    23 January 2015
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: The Right to Peaceful Protest
    @annie. THis is something that could only be realistically solved in court. You may have the help of the NHBC which clearly has…
    21 January 2015
  • Annie
    Re: The Right to Peaceful Protest
    I am simply enquiring about whether it is legal to protest against the builders of my property. We have no contract with them as…
    18 January 2015
  • Frenchie
    Re: The Right to Freedom of Speech
    A couple of people here consider that French magazine Charlie Hebdo exercised its right to freedom of speech in an…
    15 January 2015
  • Cephas Keith Reyes
    Re: The Right to Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Speech is not Absolute Freedom of speech is not absolute; there must be limitations for the preservation of peace…
    14 January 2015
  • Da Truth
    Re: The Right to Freedom of Speech
    I am a humanist so therefore in am more interested in bringing the world closer together, rather than creating more divides.…
    13 January 2015
  • Pobs
    Re: The Right to Freedom of Speech
    Like everyone else, I am horrified by the terrorist killings in France, but so far I have not witnessed anyone criticising the…
    11 January 2015
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