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The civil rights movement was a life changing period in world history. The freedom and rights that we take for granted today were not given without a struggle that dates back centuries. The Civil Rights Movement website was created as a unique reference point that gives both a background on the historic civil rights movement and provides information on your rights today.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Incorrect Reference, How can we put Things Right?, Are Biometric...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Child Maintenance and Parents' Rights: A Case Study, Treated Like a...
Civil Rights
Civil Rights: Women and Civil Rights, Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement,...
Civil Rights & Law
Civil Rights & Law: Rights If Your Child is Arrested, Consumer Rights When Holidays Go...
Discrimination Issues
Discrimination Issues: Social Networking Websites and Privacy Rights,...
Government & Legislation
Government & Legislation: Rights If Detained by the Police, Consequences...
How to Get Involved
How to Get Involved: Staging a Legal Peaceful Protest, Volunteering...
Latest Comments
  • none
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    about 8 years ago my number plates were cloned and used in a robbery, that is what i was told when stopped by the police, i…
    20 April 2014
  • od4u101
    Re: Protecting Your Privacy
    Is the intention of the UK government to sell private information in brach of my Civil Rights?
    20 April 2014
  • ronnie
    Re: Discrimination and Disability
    hi all, i have had discrimination from the police force here in west lothian, i was assualted by a neighbour and it took police a…
    18 April 2014
  • max
    Re: Civil Rights in the Uk
    I had a disposal hearing on 1st October 2013 at 11.00am at Wolverhampton County Court Pipers Row.WV1 3LQ. I can not get any Solicitors in…
    10 April 2014
  • nasser
    Re: Civil Liberties or Civil Rights
    HI, Is there anybody out there? Dark days of discrimination are back in UK. This time ordinary Iranians are the victims. HSBC…
    2 April 2014
  • Yovani
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    Do police have the right to tell our mom to slap
    21 March 2014
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