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The civil rights movement was a life changing period in world history. The freedom and rights that we take for granted today were not given without a struggle that dates back centuries. The Civil Rights Movement website was created as a unique reference point that gives both a background on the historic civil rights movement and provides information on your rights today.
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Ask Our Experts: Incorrect Reference, How can we put Things Right?, Are Biometric...
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Case Studies: Child Maintenance and Parents' Rights: A Case Study, Treated Like a...
Civil Rights
Civil Rights: Women and Civil Rights, Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement,...
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Civil Rights & Law: Rights If Your Child is Arrested, Consumer Rights When Holidays Go...
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Discrimination Issues: Social Networking Websites and Privacy Rights,...
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Government & Legislation: Rights If Detained by the Police, Consequences...
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How to Get Involved: Staging a Legal Peaceful Protest, Volunteering...
Latest Comments
  • Nen
    Re: Stop, Search and Arrest Rights
    My 16 years old son was arrested on the street whilst he was staying at his dad. When I called the station where he was taken.…
    20 January 2018
  • Nen
    Re: Stop, Search and Arrest Rights
    My 16 year old son was arrested on the street whilst he was stay at his dad I rang them to ask the reasons why they said an…
    20 January 2018
  • Kirsti Thomson
    Re: Protecting Your Privacy
    The building next to my home has been granted permission to change to a restaurant. This is abut to my land and 4 large restaurant…
    19 January 2018
  • Trvor
    Re: Your Rights If Suspected of a Crime
    Do police need to let you know if you are wanted
    19 January 2018
  • 123
    Re: Rights If Your Child is Arrested
    My sister is 14 and she is dating/seeing this boy who is 13. he has been asking for nudes and she sent them because she is…
    18 January 2018
  • David
    Re: Civil Rights in the Uk
    We are investigating Newham Social Services. The have cases of acute mental health which are now 15 - 20 years old. The have had little…
    17 January 2018
  • CivilRightsMovement
    Re: Sexual Harassment and Your Rights
    Komposer - Your Question:I have studied many years with Sir George Benjamin. He was teaching in his house in his living room…
    17 January 2018
  • nikki
    Re: Challenging the Police
    How can the police not investigate evidence told and showed to them in defence of allegations made against some one .My sons bail has been…
    17 January 2018
  • Boot
    Re: Challenging the Police
    My wife had an affair with a police officer, I confronted the policeman but only on the phone as I did not know who he was, I found his…
    16 January 2018
  • Chez
    Re: The Police and Your Civil Rights
    Hi my daughter has to go for an interview at the police station but there both evening appointments one was 8.30 pm and the…
    15 January 2018
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